Why a Staycation is a good idea in 2021?

Yes, you deserve a break!  You’re over-worked, your nine to five is starting to feel more like a 15 hour day, you’re constantly tired, sleep-deprived, and maybe at the point where you are spending an extra 10 minutes in the bathroom just to get some alone time. Well done for surviving it this far while staying semi-sane. 

But it doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and head off to exotic Thailand for a 3-week vacation to get the break you so deserve. 

What is the alternative I hear you ask?  Well, let me try and convince you why a Cape Town vacation, or Staycation, can be as good a holiday as any. 


Let’s not muck about.  The number one reason why a Staycation is a good idea is the minimal impact it has on your pocket. Not all of us have unlimited frequent flyer miles to allow for elaborate vacations, and even with the free flights, accommodation, transportation, and daily restaurant meals can quickly add up, and you may soon regret that impulsive grand holiday. 


You’ve read about, and may personally know, holiday goers who have been forced to shorten their holidays with border restrictions being imposed.  

We know it will still take some time before everything will return to what we perceive as normal. 

Do you really want that long-planned holiday cut short with you chasing to find a flight back home?

Less stress

You have enough stress from being at home, now add to that packing that needs to be done, possible passports to sort, decisions about where you’re going, how you really should have lost some extra weight to feel comfortable in that bikini in front of strangers, the list goes on.  

Then there’s the added stress of finding hotels that suit your budget, but flights aren’t available or are ridiculously over-priced for your dates. 

Find lovely new places near you 

Our country is breathtakingly beautiful, diverse, and full of adventure opportunities.  

Go kayaking with the penguins in Simon’s Town, enjoy a delightful glass of MCC at La Motte in Franschhoek or enjoy a revitalising stay at the exquisite De Zalze lodge which offers everything from lazy poolside afternoons to golfing and more. 

Support South Africa’s economy

Last but not least, you’ll be supporting your own country’s economy.  The lockdown months have been harsh on so many industries, and by spending your time close to home, you will be helping the tourism industry flourish again. 

If I haven’t convinced you and you still have that itch to go somewhere, then by all means.  I’m not here to hold you back so rent that car, book that flight, and enjoy your holiday, because you deserve it!